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living with MBC

Devastated. Disgusted.

The wounds are still raw & open. I don’t think they will ever heal from something like this. I’m definitely scarred for what short life I have left. It’s sad to have to deal with this hurt now. I trusted a person so much, I just didn’t think they would ever hurt me so. Never in a million years did I think it would happen to me, worse still it has happened at a low point in my life were my cancer has taken over my body. The person I trust the most, the one I’ve been with more than half my life, the man who’s suppose to love me the most, has been deceiving me these last few months, what could possibly be my last few months. He’s been cheating on me AGAIN, having an affair with someone who is younger than we’ve been together. Once was not enough for him.
I’ve had the worse night of my life, dealing with his deceit it’s definitely harder than dealing with my cancer. Cancer is something you can’t control but his deceit he could control. He decided his needs were more important than my trust, us – our marriage, his family; everything that I thought was important to both of us. He risked all of that for his selfish needs. What did he need so badly? He wanted someone adoring him giving him lots of affirmation, stroking his ego. What a fucking selfish prick, an arsehole, a scumbag, a fucking cunt.
I’m not even sure he’s remorseful about what’s happened, he says a lot of things but his actions don’t reflect this. His first reaction when his affair came out was defensive, then fear and anger. He hasn’t redeemed himself instead he showed no remorse he started up with her again after telling me he would make it up to me.
It’s sad to learn that I’ve wasted my life with this man who at the end didn’t really respect me enough, didn’t love me enough and ultimately didn’t care because he was prepared to risk everything for his selfish needs. He didn’t want my dying months to be happy, he wanted his own happiness. He didn’t care that I would get hurt, he didn’t look at any of the consequences or if he did it wasn’t important enough for him, not as important as himself. He never really loved me, I never felt really loved. I felt safe, he was my best friend, he was my support, I thought at least we had similar principles in life, I thought at least we had trust, loyalty & respect as our foundation in our relationship even if we were having problems with other parts of our relationship, 25 yrs together is not easy, it took a lot of work and it’s sad to see it fail because he gave up, he gave up on us, on me.
That deceitfulness and not just once but constant deception for months, everyday and more deception. When I look back and see when it was done, during our camping holiday, Father’s Day when I though we had a lovely weekend, every night, on weekends when I thought it was family time, how was he able to face us and come home from work after he’s spent that evening / afternoon with her, on my daughter’s birthday he was still with her, he saw her that day. Every Wednesday night he would call me and say he would be late home to avoid traffic but he was fooling around in his office with her instead of being home with us. whilst I was having my treatement he would call her. I had total trust. He spent a lot of time at home working because he was too busy during the day with her. During this period he was absent from us emotionally, he was distant and unsupportive. He might have been around physically but he distance himself from us. I don’t know him anymore, I thought I knew him, I thought my husband was a decent, caring, trustworthy man but he’s none of those things anymore, maybe he never was I just assumed he was decent. What’s worse he did again whilst saying sorry to me.
I’m devastated that the person that’s suppose to love me has hurt me the most, knowing what I have already endured in my life; knowing I had a bad childhood due to an abusive mother, all the crap from my cancer, not being able to have more children, just all the crap I’ve had in my life, all the pain I’ve endured. All the sadness in my life and still I can’t believe he inflicted more pain on me, the person that’s suppose to love me, how could he have done that to me? He said it wasn’t intentional to hurt me, it wasn’t deliberate but he was deliberate in his actions, he knew it was wrong but still did it. He knew it was wrong but still lied. He knew it was wrong but he still fucked her. He knew it was wrong but he still flirted with her and started the affair. He knew it was wrong but it didn’t stop him, how can it not be deliberate, he knew what he as doing….
It’s heartbreaking to have to go through this now, towards the end of my life; it’s not like I can rebuild my life, or have time to get over this pain, get over the fact that I ultimately wasted my entire life being with this one man who didn’t really love me, or was ever going to give me what I deserve or want. It’s painful to think of the happy times now because everything is tainted with shit. Did he cheat on me before? Has he always been a serial cheater I just never saw it? He was never going to tell me about the affair his girlfriend called me pretending she wanted to speak to him and even then he couldn’t tell, I quickly worked it out. How can I believe what he says now is the truth? When you’re dying you look back at your life, hopefully have some happy memories but all that has turned to shit for me because of what has happened. Memories I thought was special between us are no longer because of what he’s done. I have been with this person more than half my life, I was with him at 19, we grew up together, it’s upsetting that it’s all gone, he threw away twenty-five years together. I’m sad that our marriage is over. I’m sad and scared I’m going to die alone.
I’m at a loss, what do I do now? I’ve lost my happy, I just can’t feel happy about anything. What little joy I had left is gone. I’ve lost my confidence, I feel awful about myself. I was already feeling awful about my body & appearance, now I feel 10 times worse from the rejection. The horrible thing too was that throughout our time together he constantly rejected me sexually because of his sexual anxiety issues; he had virtually zero sex drive for most of the years we were together, this was a constant issue for us, for me, yet he goes and does this???? How am I suppose to cope with this, the man that constantly avoided sex goes and fucks someone else!!!! Talk about the ultimate rejection. Like I said I fucking wasted my life with this man, who couldn’t even show me he loved me, gave little intimacy, didn’t make me feel wanted.
I’m having to spend my time speaking to solicitors and accountants so that my child’s future is secure, he can’t be trusted anymore, he was always saying I’ll never be with anyone else but he couldn’t even wait for me to die. I’m spending my last months obsessing over this affair, being angry and sad. I’m hating myself for being like this, I’m just generally hating life. I’ve stopped my treatment, its not working anyway. I just can’t possibly take anymore beating.
The saddest part of all this was I thought we had a happy family and now that’s gone. It wasn’t good enough for him or he didn’t care enough about it; he took the risk of losing our family for his own selfish gain or maybe it was never there for him, there was no happy family in his eyes.
How many times can you beat someone, if it was him it’s until I’m dead I guess. Don’t worry my love I will be gone soon enough. You were a crap husband, a horrible father and the most selfish person I’ve ever met. Thanks for making my end of life so memorable for our daughter and not in a good way. This will be ulitimately what she will remember. Thank you.

I’m still here.

I’m still here. I feel that this could be my last post as I’m not sure I want to continue writing anymore about my cancer. I’m not sure I want to share my cancer journey anymore, cancer doesn’t have a happy ending. We die. 
So my cancer has progressed they found more, I have Leptomeningeal metastasis on the brain and spine. I have had whole brain radiotherapy and about to redo my spine. So all up I have had radiotherapy on my chest, arm, skull, mastoid, spine & brain. We flirted with the idea of gamma knife but my cancer wasn’t a suitable candidate.  
In between the radiotherapy sessions I’ve had chemo, I was still on Abraxane. Abraxane was very tolerable, I didn’t mind it but my cancer tolerated it as well, too well. So now I will be trying a new drug. So new it’s not on the PBS scheme yet. So new I think they just finished doing trials on it. I’m very lucky I have an awesome oncologist who has access and current with the latest treatments. I’m so grateful that I have such a great team of doctors & nurses. So the new drug, drum roll, Pembrolizumab, I had my blood test on Monday so I hope I qualify. The drug is not a chemo and it’s been used to treat melanoma. The drug works my stimulating the immune system to attack the cancer cells. So as of Friday my body will be going to war against my cancer. I feel like this is it, last hope. My oncologist always use to refer to his drugs being in a cupboard of drugs, he had plenty stashed away in the cupboard, plenty of options and it was a matter of using it wisely so we don’t run out. I feel like suddenly the cupboard has run bare and I have one trick left to use. This is it, there’s no more options after this. So there’s a lot riding on this drug. 
In this whirlwind or bubble state I’ve been in, it’s just been mostly treatments and doctors and not much else. I’ve had to finally tell my daughter that I’m not going to be cured from this disease, that eventually the cancer will take me away from her. My daughter just turned 10. It’s just so upsetting that I will be causing so much pain and grief to my daughter, family and friends. It’s so upsetting that my daughter is so young and she has to go through this painful experience and she won’t have me in her life to help her, be there for her, be her security blanket. It’s weird grieving over a loss that hasn’t happened yet, I’m grieving for my daughter that she will have a future without me in it. I wanted to be there, it’s my job to love her unconditionally forever. I wanted that for her and it’s been taken away from us. I have no control anymore it’s all up to the gods now. 
Thanks for following me on this cancer journey. Maybe I’ll write later but I’ll just say my goodbye for now. 

Losing my hair again

I think the whole experience of losing your hair is not just about changes in your looks. I feel somewhat exposed, I can’t hide the fact that I’m sick, that I have cancer. I can’t be ‘normal’ anymore; everyone knows you have cancer when you lose your hair, everyone knows your going through chemo. There’s no hiding, not that I was hiding it but I didn’t necessarily want to declare it to everyone that sees me. Hey look at me I have cancer. What’s more people see it as an opening line to ask why you’ve lost your hair, that you’re ok with openly taking about your cancer. Strangers come up to you and just want to share their cancer stories. This is not always bad but sometimes you want to just ‘be’ and not be reminded you have cancer. You just want to go shopping, or watch your child run, or just be yourself.

I miss my hair, I really miss my hair. I guess it’s a bit of a grieving process losing something. You’re not the same without it. I miss my hair, my breasts, my old self. Where did I go? You do lose yourself, you look in the mirror and what’s staring back at you is not you anymore. I see my cancer staring back at me. At the moment I feel like the cancer is winning by a margin. It’s robbed me of my confidence, even my femininity. It’s hard to feel womanly when you have no hair. I hate the cancer look of no hair, no eyebrows, no eyelashes, no confidence; the only consolation is that I get a free Brazilian whether I like it or not.

I decided that my way of getting control back was to get my eyebrows tattooed. I was sick of drawing really bad eyebrows on every morning and I’m not one to put make up on everyday. I also thought I would be losing my hair for longer this time, could be indefinitely if this drug works for me. Apparently there’s no limit on how much you can have of abraxane. So I was thinking long term, whatever that means. The tattoo experience was just that an experience, I was petrified not with the pain involved or the needles but the permanency aspect, what if I don’t like it and I’ll be stuck with it forever there’s no turning back. Lucky for me I found the right people, I feel like I’ve made the right decision getting the tattoo.

I don’t think it’s vanity having concerns about my appearance. I love how people say it’s just hair it’ll grow back. I don’t see many bald women out there shaving off their hair. My beautiful daughter wanted to cut her hair to show her support for me, how lovely was that? My daughter is nine years old and it took her a long time to grow her hair and she was willing to cut her hair for me. How beautiful is my girl. When I first wore my wig out she also wore a wig. I sometimes worry that it might be embarrassing for her to have a mum with no hair but she’s fine. She’s not concerned at all with what I wear. She’s not phased by it at all, so sometimes when I pick her up from school I might have hair on or a hat or scarf. I wonder how she’s feeling seeing me change like this? It still feels odd that I have to think about what I’ll do with my head, do I put hair on? Wear a hat or scarf? Or go commando. I must admit I’ve not done the commando too often, you get too many looks and stares.

I bought a few more wigs this year and I’ve even bought human hair as I’m going to be bold longer this time around I thought this would be a good investment. I’ve had loads of issues with my human hair wig let’s call her Carrie. Firstly Carrie had loads of flyaways, the type you get after childbirth and you’ve had postpartum hair loss. I was not expecting flyaways with my wig. Secondly Carrie had a slight wave in her hair. I was expecting Carrie to have straight hair because when I went to try her on she was dead straight. So flyways and slightly frizzy hair after a wash; not what you would expect your hair to look like leaving a salon after spending several hundred dollars. Thirdly Carrie’s monofilament lace front looks obvious and her part looks almost balding! So let’s just say I was disillusioned and disappointed with my Carrie purchase. I did manage to fix her somewhat by giving her a keratin treatment, so no flyaways and straight hair; I’m so lucky I found the best hairdresser who looked after wigs. Your normal hairdresser is not enough they need to be wig experts too. So now I can have hair again!

It’s odd wearing a wig because you get all paranoid, especially when you’re meeting people for the first time. You’re not sure if they know you don’t have hair and you’re wearing a wig, can they tell? Are they wondering whether you have a wig on? Is my hair in the right place? I’m always adjusting my hair and touching it when I have my wig on.

I do miss my hair but it’s just hair, right?

Surprise! Happy birthday to me.

It’s my birthday on Tuesday and I’m so grateful I’m still here to celebrate my birthday. I have nothing to complain about really I can still walk, talk, taste, hear, I’m still functioning well and everyone tells me how good I look even though I’m bald now with my chemo.

I received an early birthday present from my cancer this year, I know how thoughtful of it. Which has put a dampener on my birthday celebrations, how dare it cramp my party! We went out to a fancy restaurant for dinner last night and as much as I enjoyed the whole experience there was this awful taste of death sitting in my mouth. It kept popping in my head all night, will this be my last year celebrating my birthday?

I had an MRI done on Monday as I had some issues with both my legs, some numbness and burning pain behind my thighs; I assumed it was related to the cancer on my spine. It’s just a small spot and it was being monitored, it was decided that it’s not something to be worried about yet. We don’t worry about small spots of cancer anymore, just large ones doing damage to my body, like causing hearing loss and balance which we worry about these days. So when I had my MRI and received an unexpected result, I was shaken to my core. How the fucking hell did my FUCKING CANCER GET HERE!!!! I fucking get a scan every quarter yet we didn’t see this coming. My fucking cancer has been squatting again in my body undetected in my CENTRAL FUCKING NERVOUS SYSTEM. WTF???? Thanks so much for giving me that early birthday present, how the hell can I enjoy my birthday, so glad I’m still here blah, blah, blah when I have this to deal with, when the next few weeks will be scanxiety week waiting on what my next treatment plan will be now. Every time my cancer comes back it seems to be getting very clever on where it hides and so much harder to treat.

Can you believe I haven’t seen my doctors yet after receiving this news, I spoke to my nurse but I’m still waiting on more reports, I had another MRI on Friday on my brain as well as my whole spine to just check where else it’s gone. So my birthday on Tuesday as much as I’m glad I’m still here, I’m slightly petrified at what’s going to happen next.

I googled my last report it had this – Leptomeningeal metastases. I want you to do the same. Wylie and I looked it up and was speechless when we saw it. Wylie was about to take Serena to her dancing, she was right there when we looked up my result so I couldn’t show any reaction, it’s getting tough to be brave about this, I’m still in shock and I’m just taking one baby step at a time for this one. I’m not ready to face this last cancer progression, what a random turn, totally unexpected and has taken me by surprise. Surprise! Happy birthday to me.

I’m back

Nothing to see here folks, just go about your business, all is ok. There’s nothing to see here, please move along. I feel that’s how I’m treating this cancer that’s come back, that it’s no big deal just another thing I have to just deal with but I don’t want to make a big fuss about it. Maybe if I don’t pay too much attention to it, ignore it, it might just go away.

Yes folks there back! I bet you didn’t expect me to be back so soon. Did you miss me? My cancer loves me so much they couldn’t stay away from me, no amount of drugs could keep them away from me, well no drugs at the moment seem to be working. So I’m back on chemo unfortunately. I’ve not taken this news all that well, that I have to go on chemo again. I feel like I’m back where I started six years go. You would think having gone through it twice now I would be ok third time around but nothing’s changed. I was just as anxious doing my first round. I was just as anxious doing radio as well, I don’t think its something you get used to at all no matter how many times you’ve done it.

My cancer seems to like going to weird and unusual places, it’s gone to my right mastoid which is causing me a lot of hearing and balancing issues, plus it’s in a few other spots but still just my bones which is one positive.

So here I am again, back for more punishment; well I hope I give my cancer some arse kicking for coming back so soon. I hope my new drugs abraxane will do some damage. So I hope to see you here again too?


Well that was the shortest happy news ever. I swear I was only hoping to get a reprieve from my illness for just six months, that’s all I was hoping for, nothing more. I had a small window there were I thought I could sit back and relax for a bit, take it easy and dare I say had some hope that things would get better for me.

My husband booked his long service leave for august and I just wanted to enjoy that time with him. We had started planning an overseas trip, it was going to be a once in a lifetime trip. I was feeling a bit worried about planning and booking because it seemed too good to be true. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening, we were getting excited about the trip the more we planned it out. What could go wrong now? Surely I couldn’t get sick between now and when we go??? My scans showed NED.

So when I had slight red skin on my right breast where I had the cancer, where they did the radio I didn’t think much of it, so much so I thought I could see my GP in the morning and then take my daughter to the park afterwards. Silly me thought I just needed to get some antibiotics to clear the skin infection. I was taken aback when the GP told me to go straight to the hospital, do not pass go, do not collect $200. I went straight to the hospital and had IV antibiotics, I was in hospital for 10 days. That’s 10 whole days in hospital! I felt so bad for my daughter as this happened during the school holidays and she spent most of her holidays visiting me in hospital. She was so upset she couldn’t go to the park that day.

The skin infection was actually clearing and was looking less angry but it just wouldn’t leave. I really hoped it was going to work out for me but unfortunately the infection didn’t clear so the next step was to operate. It was the longest stay in hospital for me and I hadn’t had the operation yet.

Our Europe trip seemed to be slipping away now, an operation??? It was just so unexpected, this is what happens when you start planning anything good, when you think that maybe for a short period of time you’ll be ok. I guess you have to be on your guard 24/7. It was longest day ever, I literally waited all day to get my operation I came out of surgery at 10.30pm. It was the least complicated operation I had; removing what little resemblance of breasts I had left, they removed my implants which was so hard because I had such bad tight thin skin from the radio it was just super stretched over the implants. My skin was breaking down and couldn’t cope anymore.

Taking away the implants has left me feeling exposed… It just brought back my cancer all over again. My body looks disfigured, I’ve been amputated. It’s hard not to feel embarrassed about my body, I feel humiliated, not sure why. There’s no hiding behind implants now. I have to face this SOB head-on now. It comes from all angles and pounces when you least expect it. It was just a skin infection, but because my skin was burnt to a crisp when I had radio my skin was compromised and I’m sure it will have other repercussions I don’t foresee yet. Having my lymph nodes removed I’m sure didn’t help either, how’s my body supposed to detect infection and fight infection without these?

It’s weird that this turn of events has pushed me to my lowest point throughout my whole cancer journey thus far. I’ve never felt so demoralised, so defeated. This might sound very dramatic but I feel like I’m in for a slow tortured death. It feels like there is someone out there torturing me seeing how far I can go, how much I can take. It keeps taking parts of me all the time and I keep repairing my body parts where I can. I keep trying to glue myself together again but I’m finding it difficult now to get myself back to my pre-cancer days. Once it’s broken you can’t get it back to its original state, it’s still me I guess but the cancer seems relentless at finding my weak points.

I’m at a loss with this latest saga, I’m too scared to plan anymore of my holidays in case this bloody infection doesn’t clear and I have to have more operation to clear it. I’m not looking forward to going back on the Afinitor either or getting my next scans done next month. I’m not sure I can take any more. People always ask me how do you do it? Well I don’t have a choice in the matter, you do it because you have no alternative.

I’m still here for my daughter, I still have my wonderful family & friends and that’s all that matters.

I Love NED

Hello, I thought I’d better give you an update as I’ve not written for a while and I have great news to share with you. My June scans showed amazing results, I mean unbelievable results, it’s spectacular really. I finally got my wish – I. have. NED!!! How fantastic is that! No Evidence of Disease. I can’t really get better results than that. I’m just blown away by it, I didn’t really want to say anything or get too excited until I got the official confirmation from my oncologist, which I did last Friday.

My oncologist calls my affinitor which I started taking after Boxing Day last year as the ‘magic pills’, so now I believe him. No one can really give me any info on how long I can keep my cancer at bay as my magic pills are so new. It’s a wait and see kinda of thing, but I’m happy with that. I just found out today that my pills cost $200 each! My pills will be going on the PBS next month so I’m not sure how much they will cost me now; at the moment they’ve been given to me for free on compassionate grounds because they weren’t on the PBS and they would have cost me $200 a day!

I’ve made so many changes to my life this year, I’ve been working hard on eating well and exercising. I’ve almost achieved my goal weight. It wasn’t about losing weight, although this was an added bonus, it was just about looking after my body and health. I do feel so much better for it. I started at 65kgs (not sure I’ve said that allowed before) to now I’m 55kgs. It might not seem like a huge weight loss but for me this meant losing all my chemo weight. So my body is back to its pre cancer days literally! Not only did I lose weight I kicked that cancers butt! So for now no changes to what I’m doing, I still have go keep taking my meds as they’re working for me and I still have to keep getting scans each quarter.

My cancer is a bit like a squatter, living in my body without my permission and I really thought it was never going to go away. I thought it was going to like its living arrangements that it was never going to leave. I guess with all the notices I was giving my cancer, what with the radiotherapy and daily magic pills, it finally got the message. For now my cancer is lying low not setting up anywhere else in my body and I’m quite happy with those arrangements.

I was thinking of setting up another blog which is more about food and travel, so I think it’s appropriate timing to put this blog on ‘remission’ for now.

My willpower muscles

My willpower muscle needed a break last week, hence my apple crumble recipe tonight, it’s back to work tomorrow for my willpower muscles. I think it was feeling a little fatigue I’ve been constantly using it since I started my new healthy lifestyle at the start of the year.

Not sure why I had a break from my 12WBT program. I think it was hump week. It’s so easy to do, it’s a slippery slope from 1 day to 1 weekend to 1 week. I did the shopping today so that I wouldn’t have any excuses from tomorrow.

I have had great results so far, I’ve cut down on soft drinks, almost nil now, cut down on coffee to maybe the weekends (which start on fri for me). At the start of the program I set mini milestones for myself at 4 weeks and 8 weeks, I did reach my goal for my 4 week mini milestone which I was surprised about, I didn’t think I could achieve it but there you go. I did it!

So I lost 5cm of my waist & legs and 7cm of my hips. I’ve lost 5kgs and have 7kgs to go. My fitness has improved significantly on my good days I can almost finish a spin class I flake out on the last two songs. I can run 1km under 7mins which I’m amazed I can do, did not think I could run for more than 2 mins.

I just need to flex my willpower muscles again and give it a good workout, I’m sure if I measured them they’ve probably doubled in size. I know they’re much stronger than before. I need to stay on track now and make sure all this good work doesn’t go to waste.

Apple crumble

I made this up tonight so thought it best to write it down so I don’t forget later. It’s super easy to make and doesn’t need too many ingredients, great for a Sunday night treat.

It must be apple season as we bought a box for $10 it had at least 30 apples. Most apple pie or crumble recipes seem to use Granny Smith apples but I had royal gala.


10 apples (peeled & cut into wedges not too thin)
1 lemon
1/4 to 1/2 cup of brown sugar
1 heaped tsp vanilla paste
1 heaped tsp ground cinnamon
1 heaped tbsp butter (maybe 40g?)

1 cup flour
1/4 cup brown sugar
100-120g butter cut in cubes

Preheat oven to 180-200 degrees Celsius.

Melt the butter then add the apples (don’t wait for the butter to brown). Add the juice of 1 lemon. Mix. Add the rest of the ingredients – vanilla paste, cinnamon & brown sugar. Taste and adjust to your liking. Keep stirring the apples and check that it’s just cooked through, you don’t want it too soft and mushy. I pricked it with a fork, you can feel the firmness of the apple. The apples will have more cooking time in the oven. Put the apples in an oven proof dish. You don’t have to add all the liquid or juice in, just enough to cover the apples, you don’t want the crumble sitting in liquid.

For the crumble I put all the ingredients in a food processor. The crumble should be like large breadcrumbs. Add the crumble mixture to the apples.

Bake for 25-30 until the crumble is crunchy and brown, until golden brown.

Serve with vanilla ice cream or custard or double cream.

I could adjust this recipe and use wholemeal flour and rolled oats to be a bit more healthy, I’m sure it would still taste great, I just didn’t have any on hand.

You could also add raisins or currants to the apple filling but Serena’s not so keen on them so I left them out but you could add this and reduce the amount of sugar used.

Bircher muesli with ALPS blend


I converted my daughter to have Bircher muesli for breakfast instead of having toast and jam. I love Bircher muesli I came across it when I lived in bondi, where going out for breakfast is part of the bondi lifestyle.

I came across the ALPS Blend recipe from weighitup. This is a great website with loads of tasty recipes. I love how they have the calorie counts and nutritional information with each recipe. The best part is that it’s free to join! Yep it’s FREE!

Serves 4

1 cup rolled oats
1 green apple
1/4 apple juice (optional)
120g tub of yoghurt – I use low fat yoghurt
2 tbsp ALPS blend


1 cup pumpkin seeds
1 cup sunflower seeds
1 cup raw almonds
½ cup flax seeds (linseed)
½ cup sesame seeds
¼ cup poppy seeds
¼ cup chia seeds

Makes 4 cups. I also add this to my salads.

To serve
Bircher muesli
2 tbsp yoghurt
Handful of blueberries or strawberries (optional)

There’s endless possibilities on how you serve this. The cafe I went to in bondi had half serve of Bircher and half toasted muesli with a dollop of yoghurt and poached fruit.


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